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Socials #01: DYMK and Backstage Bar

Written by Veronica. Photos will be privately screened during our End-of-Year review. 


June 2016 social was a success! We met up at DYMK, laughed at each other’s hats and proceeded to forget about them, tho much swopping and selfie-taking activity revolved around them later in the evening. 
The whole turnout was 12. As expected, a couple were new people who saw our booth at Pink Dot, the old regulars came and a FB group lurker came. As expected, people who turn up for a book club social make amiable and lively company. 
We moved on to Tantric Backstage, Blue Spins were imbibed I started a round of a raunchy drinking word game while the place was still relatively quiet. When the bustle got on and everyone got suitably lubricated, no games were needed for the conversation to flow. 
I’m typing this with a slight hangover but a big smile on my face. Well done, V, well done! 🙂

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