Where to Borrow Books

National Library of Singapore (NLB): All the books we’ve done so far can be found at NLB.

Pelangi Pride Centre: Singapore’s LGBTQ Resource Center

Where to Buy Books

Although the bookshops don’t have a specific queer fiction section, they house many queer books. The smart person will call the bookshops to inquire first before making the trip down. If the bookshop doesn’t have a particular book, you may place an order with them.

Kinokuniya Tel: 6737 5021

MPH Tel: 63364232 (Raffles City); 6338 5845 (Parco Millenia); 6222 6423 (Robinson Rd)

Online Bookshop

Books Depository: Free shipping worldwide

Book Recommendations

GLBT Literature: One of the most comprehensive listings of queer literature

Lambda Literary Awards: The Booker Prize for queer literature

The Publishing Triangle: 100 Best Gay & Lesbian literature

AfterElton: 50 Best Gay Books

GLBTQ: What Should I Read?: Daily recommendations

GradQ: Stanford University Queer Book Club

Gay Mens’ Book Club Bristol UK

Queer Book Club: Book recommendations by queer librarian

Goodreads: Popular queer books

Stonewall Book Awards


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