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#QBMCSG10: Weekend (2011)

We are celebrating 10 years of QBMC this 2019 twentybiteen with a throwback to past books, movies, and a couple of exciting socials!

Moderator: Asy
Attendees: Vicky, Ron, Colin, Dave, Rui Jie, Alexius, Raj, Timmy, Jay, Abigail

To commemorate a very British film, this month’s spread were three kinds of sandwiches – British cheddar with cucumber; Turkey pastrami, cucumber, and English mustard; and chicken mayo – alongside sausages, the usual alcohols, crisps, and shortbread.

The discussion commenced with Asy bringing up the HBO series and movie ‘Looking’, which also involved Andrew Haigh, citing similarities between that and ‘Weekend’. Continue reading

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#QBMCSG10: The Gigolo Murder by Mehmet Murat Somer

We are celebrating 10 years of QBMC this 2019 twentybiteen with a throwback to past books, movies, and a couple of exciting socials!

Moderator: Vicky

Attendees: Alexius, Rachel, Ron, Dorcas, Malcolm Sunny, Jason, Raj, Asy, Darren, Zoe, Clement, Timmy


Thank you to dearest Raj “Ponpon” for the wonderful spread of Turkish delights! All of us were definitely delighted (heh heh) with the delicious morsels. “Come for the book club, stay for the food,” Timmy declared.

A summary of the book by moderator Vicky started the discussion, highlighting events such as the depressive episode the narrator was going through at the start of the book, the lusting of Haluk Pekerdem, and the openly queer culture of Istanbul. Continue reading

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Merry New Year 2018 with QBMC

WhatsApp Image 2018-12-31 at 06.32.45

The club said goodbye to the final days of twentygayteen with our third year-end social! After a couple of hours of eating and socialising, we finally settled down and went around the group, hearing out everyone’s recommendations.

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Season’s Greetings with the Club

It’s the second annual QBMC Christmas party! The club celebrated by having everyone who attended to recommend their favourite LGBTQIA+ literature or entertainment:


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Socials #2: Come and Makan With Us

Date: 3 Sept, 7.30pm. 

Location: Blk 29 Marine Cresecents 

Details: We are meeting for a lighthearted takeout night at Veronika’s place and then heading to the beach with drinks under the starry night, laughing to the beat of the waves… Romantic, no? 😉 

For dinner, wear a piece of jewelry that reminds you of a film/actor/book/character/author/director. Not compulsory, but fun. 

This is NOT a book discussion. It’s a quarterly event when we hang out and have fun. 

Interested parties, please leave your email in the comments and we will get back to you. (We won’t publish the comments so only we know your email.)


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Socials #01: DYMK and Backstage Bar

Written by Veronica. Photos will be privately screened during our End-of-Year review. 


June 2016 social was a success! We met up at DYMK, laughed at each other’s hats and proceeded to forget about them, tho much swopping and selfie-taking activity revolved around them later in the evening. 
The whole turnout was 12. As expected, a couple were new people who saw our booth at Pink Dot, the old regulars came and a FB group lurker came. As expected, people who turn up for a book club social make amiable and lively company. 
We moved on to Tantric Backstage, Blue Spins were imbibed I started a round of a raunchy drinking word game while the place was still relatively quiet. When the bustle got on and everyone got suitably lubricated, no games were needed for the conversation to flow. 
I’m typing this with a slight hangover but a big smile on my face. Well done, V, well done! 🙂

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QMBC Social on 24 Jun, Fri 8pm


QBMC is proud to present our opening social for the year!
You are welcome to attend the event to get to know the book club, our regular (or irregular) attendees, and show off your hats.

Hats? That’s right, the only condition of attendance is you wear a hat. Preferably a hat that your favourite fictional character would wear (whether onscreen or in ink). If you’re keen, go all out, and dress up like them too! 3 best dressed will win a chocolate bar.

This is a social event, so no prior reading is required. By the end of the event, we would like to challenge you to at least know the names of 5 new people and what their favourite books are.
Feel free to bring your partner(s), and get ready to mingle. 🙂

Date: 24 June (Friday)
Locations: 8 – 10pm DYMK Bar. 10pm till late Tantric Bar.
Take note if you are coming later that we will start at DYMK and move on to Tantric Bar at 10pm.
Facebook link:

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Pink Dot

30 Jun 2012
Hong Lim Park

Pink Dot has kindly given us a table. We will be at lucky Table 13. Come say hi from 5pm onwards.

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