1. How often do you meet?

We usually meet on the third Thursday of every month to discuss a book or a movie we have decided on.

2. Do I have to pay to attend the discussion?

No. It is completely free.

3. What should I bring for the discussion?

Just bring your fabulous self! We usually provide some snacks and drinks and if you feel like you want to bring potato chips or fermented potato (aka vodka), you can. But it is not necessary.

4. Is the gathering illegal?

No. We are gathering as friends privately, just as you would attend a friend’s birthday party at a hotel room or a friend’s house-warming party.

5. I am shy. Can I bring a friend?

Of course, the more the merrier. We are a pretty welcoming and accepting bunch, so don’t need to be shy.

6. Who decides the books and movies we discuss?

You do! We take suggestions and then put the suggestions up to a vote on our facebook group. The book or movie with the most number of votes is assigned to be the text of the month.

7. What kind of books and films can I suggest?

Our two caveats for the suggestions are
(a) the books/movies have to be LGBTQ-themed or written by LGBTQ authors (this is the purpose of the book and movie club, after all);
(b) the books/movies have to be readily available as soft-copy or in national libraries so that everyone–from poor students to starving artists–can have access to the material and join our discussion.

8. What kind of books do you read?

We usually read fiction books from all kinds of genres including sci-fi, fantasy, classics, young adult, romance, crime, play, poetry, short stories, and graphic novels. Recently, we have ventured into reading academic essays to great success.

9. How do I get access to the books or movies?

We usually provide them but if we don’t for some reason, they should be available at the national libraries. Of course, if you’d like to purchase the book/film, it is always wonderful to support artists.

10. Do I have to read the book or watch the movie to attend the discussions?

No. This is not school, nobody will berate you if you don’t do your ‘homework’! Many members come to socialise and chat without reading the book. There is no obligation to read the book or watch the movie although doing so will add value to the discussions.

11. What are socials?

Sometimes we gather outside of the book club for meals or bar-hopping or games or other activities to chat and catch up with one another. In such cases, you will have to pay for your own food and drinks.