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42nd Discussion: Sylvia Townsend Warner’s Mr Fortune’s Maggot

mr fortuneTimmy wrote the notes!

In spite of his convalescence, Raj still managed to whip up food for our discussion this month – cheese, turkey, and cranberry sauce wrapped in tortillas, chive bread with dill cream and tomatoes, cocktail sausages, banana cake, and Cheetos, along with the obligatory selections of wine.

Javin, Alex, Luke, and Timmy were also in attendance. Unfortunately the only person who completed the reading was Raj. Javin read ¼ of the book, while Alex only managed ½ of it before skimming through the rest of it.

We discussed the introduction, which Raj thought was crap and said that he couldn’t find the bit about Virginia Woolf. Alex, on the other hand, liked it.

Javin thought the plot was boring, thin, and bland. “She’s a lesbian, I don’t know what she’s thinking,” Raj remarked. However, he likened the book to volcanic activity and eruption, and pointed out that the terminologies peppered throughout the book is very “housewife-y”. “Domestic goddess, like Nigella,” Timmy quipped.

Raj felt the title should have been changed to Mr Faggot. Alex commented that maggot, as referenced in the title, is to be defined as perverse, a liking for crotches.

The symbolism of the pipe was also brought up. Javin joked that it could be related to anything that is long. He added: “(Mr Fortune) likes to blow and make music.”

As only one person completed the reading, there was nothing further to discuss thus we moved to the conclusion. Raj felt that the book was uninspiring. Javin found the book boring. Alex liked the music making, but that’s just it.

We unanimously agree that for future book clubs, the person who recommended the book should be present.

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